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Twice each month a different Barbershop arranger will be featured, along with 3 or 4 of his or her recent works. One of them might be great for your chorus or quartet.

Harry Buerer

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Harry Buerer has been a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society since 2000. He has an M.A. in Church Music Ministry from Western Seminary and directs a church choir in Portland. In 2002 he won the Lou Perry award, a Society contest among unpublished arrangers, with his setting of Mary Lou. Harry's arrangements have been sung by his chorus, Bridge Town Sound, his quartet, and his wife's quartets.

Carolina Nights was arranged as part of an arranging class for Bridge Town Sound. It is a public domain song (1921) that has a nice barbershop melody, which hasn't been previously arranged for quartets. The arrangement is fairly easy to sing; a C-level chorus or quartet could do it, and is likely to be contest-suitable. It has not yet been performed.

We Need A Little Christmas is the song from "Mame". It has been performed by Bridge Town Sound on its holiday show. It's fairly rangy (bari - high A, tenor - high D) and probably needs a group of at least B- ability to pull it off.

Under the Sea is from the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. It was arranged, with contributions from his wife, Suzy, for Suzy's quartet, In Cahoots. It requires a low (woman's) bass that can sing a B, and the lead and tenor parts are both quite high (E and A respectively). It is a lengthy piece, about 180 measures, contains some "instrumental" vocal effects, and is quite challenging. Learning tracks are available from Donya Metzger at .

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